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MISSION: A Programme aimed to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi's Expectation Specifically targeted to benefit those 800 million who are At the bottom of the pyramid of the quality of life.












The problems of shortage of adequate and durable housing, unemployment, vulnerability to natural hazards and shortage of skilled manpower are the foremost challenges in the way of improving quality of life of villagers. The National Agenda for Governance has been advocating ‘Housing for All’ as a priority area, with particular emphasis on the needs of the vulnerable groups. In order that the available resources may be utilized most efficiently, it is necessary to promote use of innovative building materials and construction techniques. Dissemination and extension of energy and cost effective building materials, utilization of agro-industrial byproducts/wastes as well as locally available raw materials, cheaper and time saving building construction techniques and efficient house plans at affordable cost, meeting the minimum basic requirements of the users, has assumed greater significance in the present scenario.
The CSIR - CBRI Roorkee had, in the past years, planned and arranged a significant number of activities on Dissemination, Demonstration and Training on Housing Technologies at different places, scattered both in urban and semi-urban areas all over the country. During 1990-95 the Institute organized some training activities exclusively for the benefit of rural artisans and weaker section of the rural population under CSIR Action Plan on Rural Housing. Subsequently, CBRI through its Extension Centers in 5 states, organized study-training-cum-demonstration construction project on rural housing technologies in seven different regions of the country. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India in which CBRI studied and constructed 11 BPL houses in each zone using local construction materials at all the 7 locations and organized on site training for field engineers, artisans and villagers. In the year 2004, the Institute further conducted a study on rural buildings centers promoted by Ministry of Rural Development and suggested its recommendations for enhancement and strengthening of Rural Building Center activities by strengthening their technology base to diversify towards training and skill enhancement of rural artisans, field engineers and NGOs. In the XIth Plan under CSIR-800 programme a specially focused programme on housing Extension, dissemination and training was undertaken and executed in association with rural field level agencies, and NGOs working to transfer and use newer R&D with social objectives of up gradation of rural housing for weaker section of the population. The main objective of the project is to disseminate, promote and extend safe, healthy and durable housing technologies which will improve housing and living conditions of the rural masses and enhance the skills of local artisans and construction workers through mass awareness programmes, training programmes, on-site demonstrations and entrepreneurship development in rural society in the production of improved building materials and use of appropriate housing technologies for the benefit of 800 million population of the country.

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