About the Technology

This is an environment friendly technology, which uses flyash, water and medium plastic soil as raw materials for casting the bricks. Their properties like less breakage, better shape, use of waste material, fuel saving etc. makes them useful for masonry construction. 

Technical Specifications

  • Flyash addition : 35 to 60%(w/w) to the soil mass depending upon the type of soil
  • Firing of bricks done at 950 to 1000 0C
  • Brick shaping done by extrusion or manually
  • Power requirement : 100 KW
  • Plant & machinery : Indigenous
  • Space required : 4 Hec. (approx)

Salient Features

  • Better product quality
  • Saves upto 20-25% fuel
  • Reduced drying and firing losses
  • Environment friendly

Economic Aspects

  • Plant capacity : 90 lakh bricks per year
  • Total capacity cost : Rs. 1.00-1.20 crore