About the Technology

Concrete Masonry Blocks are used as a substitute for bricks in hills and stone abundant areas, which make the building process economical. Manual and machine techniques are used for casting the blocks. In machine technique, an egg laying type portable machine capable of casting six blocks at a time is used.

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure vibration technique used
  • Power required is 3.0 KW

Salient Features

  • Economic substitute of bricks
  • Capable of casting 1000 blocks of size 290 x 190 x140 in one shiftof 8 hours.
  • Included in BIS codes, MES, CPWD and some State PWD Schedules.
  • Adopted in mass scale in Rajasthan, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, North East, H.P., Uttarakhand and M.P.