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(a) Construction of masonry wall with provision of reinforcement in tie-column (b) providing shuttering on two faces of tie-column (c) casting of tie-column followed by subsequent masonry (d) provision of keys in masonry and concrete for better bonding at interface (e) subsequent shuttering of tie column (f) completed confined masonry model

About the Technology

Confined Masonry comprises lightly reinforced concrete elements embracing masonry panels at periphery and having thickness same as that of walls. The seismic performance of this technology was tested on a full-scale model at CSIR-CBRI. All the load bearing walls of the Demonstration Building were constructed using this technique. 

Salient Features

  • Superior seismic performance with higher strength, initial stiffness, ductility and energy dissipation capacity as compared to unreinforced and reinforced masonry.
  • Uses locally available material and skills
  • Economically viable for low-to-medium rise construction.

Economic Aspects

  • About 30% cost reduction as compared to the construction cost of RC framed structure.