S.No.TitleProject TeamDuration
1Development of Innovative Hybrid Connections for Pre-Cast Concrete ConstructionDr. S.R. Karade, Dr. R. Siva Chidambaram1117-1020
2Prefabricated Ferro cement Sandwich Panel based Housing SystemEr. S.K. Singh, Er. Subash C.B. Gurram, Er. Surya M.1017-0320
3Pilot scale preparation of silica nanoparticles and their applications in cement based materialsDr. L.P. Singh, Er. Srinivasarao Naik B1017-0919
4Process technology development of geopolymer concrete with varying classes of fly ash for use in precast building componentsEr. Md. Reyazur Rahman, Er. Rakesh Paswan1017-0920
5Recyclability of marble waste in concrete production and other building products. Dr. Rajni Lakhani, Er. Rajesh Kumar0917-0820
6Development of self compacting recycled aggregate concrete for precast building components.Er. Monalisa Behra, Er. Santha Kumar G, Md. Reyazur Rahman1017-0919
7Development of cost effective material for sound absorption with partial air purification properties.Er. Siddharth, Er. S. Maiti1017-0919
8Development of a new constitutive relationship for 1D nonlinear site response analysisDr Anindya Pain0418-0320
9Development of cement-admixture system for low temperature concretingDr. Jeeshan Khan, Er. Ishwarya G., Dr. Hemlata , Er. Rakesh Paswan , Er. Md Reyazur Rahman, Er. Humaira Athar0418-0321
10Development of mobile sensing device for complex working environment of civil structuresEr. R. S.Bisht, Dr. S. K. Panigrahi , Er. Soju J. Alexander, Sh. Narendra Kumar, Sh.Dinesh Kumar , Sh. Sameer1017-0919
11Seismic performance enhancement of buildings using Smart Base IsolationEr. Soju J. Alexander, Dr. S. K. Panigrahi, Er Ravindra S. Bisht, Er. Subash C.B.Gand, Sh. Sameer0118-1220