Nodal Officer: Dr Suvir Singh / Dr. S. Sarkar

VERTICAL 1: Safety of Vital Installations against Landslides

PI / Co-PI: Dr. S. Sarkar / Dr. D. P. Kanungo
Task Leaders: M Samanta, Dr. A Pain, Dr. S Ganesh Kumar, K PanditTeam Members: A Dwivedi, Z Ahmed


Design and development of efficient slope stabilization measures and instrumentation to mitigate landslide hazards in Uttarkashi- Bhatwari region of Uttarakhand Himalayan region for the safety of vital infrastructures


  • Landslide hazard & risk map along Uttarkashi-Bhatwari-Gangnani Road
  • Instrumentation techniques for landslide warning
  • Integrated landslide control measures for the safety of infrastructures (highway/building) and implementation strategy for a selected landslide
VERTICAL 6: Design and development of fire safety measures for vital installation
Task 1 Development of fire retardant coating for interior materials
Task 2 Experimental and Numerical simulation studies for hazard assessment in real fire scenario
 Task 3 Development of fire retardant/resistant materials to enhance fire safety
 Task 4 Analysis of reinforced concrete members exposed to fire and development of retrofit techniques
 Task 5 Design and development of Active fire protection system for vital installations
 Task 6 Design against progressive collapse failure of structures – Impact Blast, Earthquake and Fire Loads