Task No. Project Title Project Team


WP 2:Performance Evaluation of Precast Panels and Framed Structural System
Task2.5 Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistance Dr. Ajay Chourasia*, C.Shermi
Task2.6 Development of efficient mechanical anchorage device for precast beam-column joint Dr. Ajay Chourasia*, Ms.C.Shermi, Dr.S.K.Panigrihi
Task2.7 Comparative evaluation of performance of various precast panel and frame systems developed by various research groups and selection ofthe best performing one for specified functionality C. Shermi C*
Task2.8 Standardization of designs & layouts of prefab housing units with improved thermal performance Dr.Shailza*,Ms Sayantani Lala, Sh. ChandnanSwaroop Meena
Task2.9 Development of dry-construction technology in buildings Dr.KishorKulkarni*, Ms Sayantani Lala, Dr.TabishAlam